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Shane 2 years ago
Looks like he picked up a hooker and went to a hotel
carlos 2 years ago
whats your name?
BigHedEdd 2 years ago
Hell I'd marry that fine ass bitch and make a honest whore out , cause once I put my dick in her she wouldn't want any other !
1 year ago
I actually fucked my friends girl eat her out first then slipped it in it was the best pussy I ever seen still wanking about it to this day
Dude really 2 years ago
Oh ya I disliked it and by the way who wants to date you pussy
Dude really 2 years ago
I mean that's your wife's friend and you decide to fuck her
Simon Saya 2 years ago
Young dick 11 months ago
This was one of the videos I watched tonight, just finished fucking a 51 year old married woman, her husband is working away the weekend. Apparently they barely have sex lol dunno why as she’s fit as fuck! Nice and slim with big tits and a fat milf arse! Bitch couldn’t get enough of my 22 year old cock she loved it lol said I was massive
9 months ago
Who walks around with a rubber band around their balls you know that’s how they castrate hogs
Mofoluv 2 years ago
I’d suck my cum right out of her mouth!!